3 Day Bender

Downtown Happy Hour’s 3 Day Bender Unconference

The 3 day bender was a concept for a virtual conference for the downtown revitalization industry. Their annual conference schedule for Dallas in May was cancelled, and although the audience was hungry, the industry didn’t have an answer.

Enter the 3 Day Bender.

For 9 weeks before the unConference, our hosts, Jeff Siegler, Joe Borgstrom, and Ben Muldrow, held a weekly Facebook live Downtown Happy Hours. These were frank conversations with amazing guests about the problems facing our places, and the apathy that fills the people of those places. In week 8, we announced the unConference. Two weeks later, magic happened.

We have recorded all of the sessions and invite you to enjoy and maybe learn a thing or two.

Looks like you need a bender. Cheers!