Brian Friedman

Brian A. Friedman is the President of Plan F Solutions, which is a consulting company lending expertise to organizations and businesses focused on transforming communities through Community Redevelopment, Creative Placemaking, Non-Profit Organizations, and Small Businesses Startups. Plan F Solutions expertise helps these organizations maximize impact in their communities.

Attracting Businesses: What Scores and What Fumbles

The weather is changing, and the great season of football is spreading across the country. But the change in season also means we’re all heading into a closure of outdoor dining patios and other weather sensitive places. Our...

Reconciling Gentrification

Reconciling Gentrification

Across the country over the last decade, incredible economic expansion has led to well-meaning economic and community development investments, which resulted in massive displacement and gentrification-- a common tale in urban areas where efforts commence to revive a...