Lead the charge. Build a place people are proud to call home.

We believe creating a sense of pride is the most crucial part in creating a sense of place.

Where there is pride, there is place.

Want a better relationship between citizens and government? Become a city that takes pride in its people. Want a more vibrant downtown? Create pride before business plans. Want to attract and retain talent? Build a place where people say, “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Everything that makes a person proud of a place, from safe, attractive sidewalks to the policies in City Hall, begins with straightforward and transparent front-porch activism that anyone can organize!

Proud Places is a network of professionals focused on the improving the future of our places through tangible, no bullshit thoughts and practices.

To help towns and cities cultivate this essential sense of pride, Proud Places gathers together some of the best thinkers and creators in urbanism to share their views all in once place.

From marketing to economic development to historic preservation, our contributors’ collective expertise is distilled into powerful ideas and effective ways to implement them. These are not the kind of experts who play it safe. We get shit done.

Not rocking the boat doesn’t help our cities.

Great ideas drowning in jargon can’t change the world.

The efforts we’re putting forth here at Proud Places is meant to be an easy-access resource, both content and context, but also in terms of human resource. The team we’ve assembled offers ideas and expertise here for free—but are also available for hire, including public speaking, consultation, and implementation services.

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